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Interested in a Private Session?  Private sessions can enhance your personal yoga practice at any level.  You may benefit from a private session if you are new to yoga, recovering from illness or injury or have been coping with any of the following issues: chronic low back pain, neck and shoulder tension, stress, headaches and/or migraines, depression or anxiety, poor sleep habits, scoliosis or fibromyalgia.  Julie is also a resource to Bikram students looking to deepen their hot series practice.  Private sessions are scheduled at a time convenient for you and will be held at Half Moon Yoga Studio.  Private cost is $70 per hour for one person, $85 for two.  Please inquire with Julie at


All Drop-in practices… $17.

Yoga Practice Memberships

5 Practice Membership*… $70 ($14/practice)

10 Practice Membership*… $120 ($12/practice)

20 Practice Membership*… $200 ($10/practice)

* All class memberships have a six month expiration date, NO EXCEPTIONS, and can not be shared or transferred.  Memberships are priced at a discount to support a regular practice and therefore bring the greatest benefit to the student.  Completing the membership in the aloted six months is the responsibility of the student.  

*We offer special membership prices for full-time students and seniors (65 and older), just ask!

*There is a $25 returned check fee.


Practice Descriptions

HOT Series

studio temp:100, time: 90 minutes

Wednesday, 6:30pm and Sunday, 4pm.  Practiced in a hot room with infrared heat, this class of 26 postures plus two breath exercises is designed for the experienced student or the beginner who is looking for a greater asana challenge. Physically intense postures are taught in tandem with breathwork and meditation, which translates into a complete workout for your body and your mind.  The higher heat warms the body for great detoxification, enhancing your flexibility and deepening your breath awareness.  A transformative practice that is an amazing experience each time!

Mind/Body Yoga (all levels invited)

time: 60-90 minutes

Tuesday/Thursday, 10:30-11:30am, Sunday 2:30-3:30pm and some Saturdays.  This integrated hatha practice includes strengthening, stretching and balancing with a focus on proper breathwork.  Influenced by Julie’s Viniyoga training, students will experience breath centric asana, breath adaptation in postures and pranayama leading to mediation.  The pace is designed to bring awareness to correct alignment and breathing techniques for all levels of student – nurturing your practice into something that will continually nurture you.  Regular practicioners who recognize that slowing down is what they need to balance their system will find tremendous benefit to their other yoga practices and fitness regimens.

MIND/BODY with YIN (all levels invited)

time: 70 minutes

Tuesday, 6pm.  An integrated yin fusion practice is the perfect compliment to your regular yoga practice, which is often more a yang practice.  We will warm up our bodies to prepare for staying in postures.  By holding asanas for a period of time this practice opens up the deeper tissues of the body, the energy channels and allows for breathwork and meditation.  The yin focus is not on alignment, but on what sensations you experience while in a posture.  Many find this practice very meditative so, come prepared to spend time “yin side”, climbing into the feeling of your postures, inviting your body, mind and heart to open further!


time: 60 minutes

Tuesday and Thursday, 9am.  Pilates is a unique system of stretching and strengthening exercises meant to trim and tone your belly, waist, hips, and legs, while building more core balance.  Each movement is paired with your inhale and exhale.  Classes will be tailored to your level by offering options to moderate or intensify any exercise.  Wait until you try Pilates with the creative use of props, it is just so much fun!


time: 75 minutes

Offered on occassion, Restorative yoga relieves fatigue and stress from our daily lives!  We can all benefit from this quieting practice.  With the use of props (like bolsters and blankets) you will be supported in postures for a lengthy period of time to allow your body to rest, heal and recover in the tranquility of our candlelit, private space.  Great after a long week of work, the best idea for energizing you for the weekend or for those that need to heal.   Bring a spouse or a friend and an intention to deeply relax!  Good for all levels of yogis.  Please, no perfume or cologne.  Limited spaces are available for this class, please be prompt.



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